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Light bulb isolated on white,  Realistic

Buildings account for almost 20% of all energy consumed in the United States. worldwide. Building efficiency is not a new idea it comes in many forms, lighting, heating cooling, building envelope each of which have been tested and tried a thousand different ways with uneven results. But with today's

technology we can integrate, monitor and respond in ways that we never could before.

Simple lighting retrofits can provide significant savings for commercial customers but without the ability to monitor and respond to those savings can be lost. If lighting retrofits are the "no brainer" of energy efficiency then BAS (Building Automation Systems) is that brain. You can have one without the other but large scale projects typically benefit from both. 

The same generalized rule applies to heating and cooling - in order to take full advantage of any efficiency savings you need a tool control and respond effectively. 

Let us provide a feasibility study for your site, it's free and will find the missing link in your efficiency plan. 

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