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energy consulting that works for you

current renewables is a diverse group of researchers and hands-on professionals committed to providing our clients with the most objective and comprehensive solutions to their energy needs.

We maintain our objectivity to make sure you get the most suitable technology, pricing, financing, installation and warranties that meet your needs.  


Our Servuces
co generation

Best in class co-generation (combined heat and power)

Proven Microturbine and engine technologies that run primarily on natural gas.  


Clean distributed solar PV. (photovoltaic)

Solar Thermal (heat).

Geothermal Energy.

Wind energy.


Demand response.

Load Control.


Lighting retrofits.

Chiller upgrades.

HVAC upgrades.

Building envelope solutions.

Day lighting strategies.

energy storage



Fuel Cells.


micro grid

Integrated distributed local energy resources.

Redundancy for 

Mission critical systems.


Run in parallel or disconnect from the grid.

electric transport

Charging infrastructure.

Warehouse logistics.

EV to grid potential.

EV fleets.

Warehouse electric transport.

co generation

lets get started 

contact us and we will get started with our research and put together a feasibility study for you - at no cost.

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